The Social Network of the Future (2023)

We are in the process of creating a social network based on what we’ve learned from our experiments during the past years: The Social Network of the Future (Github) The core of our concepts is the Global Brain Algorithm, which converts a social network into a distributed brain, resulting in a whole that is more intelligent than the individual human parts.

Quality News (2021)

Quality News is a Hacker News client that provides additional data and insights on Hacker News submissions, notably, the upvoteRate metric. The upvoteRate is designed to better reflect the intent of the community as revealed by their upvote behavior. We believe this calculation can be a key component in the design of social protocols. See the readme on GitHub for details.

Archived Projects

Propolis (2023)

Propolis, inspired by Polis, is an attempt to create a scaling collective intelligence system based on asking and answering yes-no questions. Propolis was archived because it was superseded by The Social Network of the Future.