We're Building Jabble: Social Media from the Future

We are in the process of creating a social media platform based on what we’ve learned from our experiments during the past years. The core of our concepts is a suite of novel algorithms that distribute attention over content. Unlike most social media platforms, we do not optimize for engagement. Instead, we aim to distribute attention in such a way that we enable large-scale productive discussions with outputs that are more intelligent than the sum of their parts.

Follow our Progress

As of right now, we haven’t launched the platform yet. However, we are developing in the open. You can follow our progress on Github.

We are also trying to document our ideas in a comprehensive way. If you are interested in the concepts behind our algorithms, visit our documentation. Be aware, though, that this document changes all the time and is incomplete (and will be for a while).

Our code is free and open source and our ideas are in the public domain. If you want to use any of our code or ideas in your project, we encourage you to do so. We are aware that our goals are very ambitious, maybe even delusional. But if our ideas actually make sense, we don’t care if it’s us who deliver the product. If you can make them work better than us, we would consider that a win.

Get Notified when we Launch

If you want to be among the first to join, subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t bother you with regular marketing mails. Instead, we will send out a notification once we launched and whenever we’ve reached an important milestone.